Week 5- Counterfactual Identity Activity

On Saturday I did my counterfactual identity activity and I had a lot of fun doing it. I dressed as someone going to an interview or a banquet. I did this because I am always wearing shorts and a workout shirt with sandals. So dressing up is something that is the opposite of what I do.
Walking around the mall and asking people questions was hilarious because of the answers I received. When I asked them what they thought my name was I got answers like, Mark, Paul, and Robert. When it asked what they thought I did they said I was a manager or someone that was involved with business.
This was probably my favorite activity so far because it was fun to see what people thought about me when they first met me. People have crazy answers when you really walk around and see what people are thinking. It was also fun acting like I was someone else even though I hate dressing up nicely.

By emmanuel8lara

Week 5- Classmate Convo

This week I met with Elizabeth Banuelos, who told me she would rather be called Sarah because that is her middle name and her moms name is Elizabeth so she does not like being called the same name. I have met Sarah before because we are both Kinesiology majors and we had another class together. She is starting her Junior year and is a Kinesiology Exercise Science major where I am a Leadership one. She use to be a Nursing major but ended up not liking it. When I asked what her ethnicity was she just said mixed because she isn’t sure what she really is. She has family members that are all sorts of ethnicities.
Sarah told me she wanted to be a Physical Therapist when she gets older and she would love to travel the world. She wants to go to Europe and is planning a trip with her friends for this year. She went to Millikan high school and she says she likes soccer, volleyball, and did dance for two years. She loves hiking and also loves art. She did art from 6th grade to her 11th grade then stopped. She was an awesome girl to talk to and I look forward to hanging out with her in the future. She has one older and younger brother.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 4- Artist Convo- Scott Burns

For week 4 I was actually able to talk to an artist this time. The artist was named Scott Burns and he molded clay and glaze. Walking around his work it was really fascinating. He had a lot of sculptures mainly of human figures but some had one big toe or a long neck. All the sculptures had a certain pose and one was standing against the wall.
When I walked into the gallery I saw Scott’s writing on the wall and it talked about his work. He stated that he doesn’t really want to talk about his models because he would rather have people experience them instead. He said he wanted to make art that feeds his psychological need to make art. When I actually talked to him he still talked a little about his work but didn’t mention anything big. He mentioned us actually going in and just looking at them.
The one that was unique to me was a black and white human figure with a slightly longer neck than usual. This one interested me the most because he was sitting cross legged with his hand on his chin as if the figure was thinking.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 4- Classmate Convo

This week I met with Craig Wigboldy for my classmate convo. Craig is 21 years old and he is a Pre-nursing major. When talking to Craig he told me that he only wants to be a nurse when he gets older. I asked him is there anything else and he told me no because nursing has always been his life long dream.
Craig went to Valley Christian high school in Cerritos. Right now he has a job as a painter. He told me he goes to apartments or houses and paints there house when hired of course. For his free time he goes with his friends to hangout and also liked snowboarding and surfing. Something he and I both agree on is we have always wanted to go skydiving and plan to do it before we die. His favorite movie is Shooter with Mark Walberg. When I asked him about art and what he thinks about I he told me that he is often confused by it. He says it is probably just because he doesn’t have an eye for it.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 3- Artist Convo- Christopher Vavrek

On Thursday, I walked around the art gallery that looked really fascinating to me. There were many computers and digital designs inside but the one that interested me was a tower of movies that were stacked on each other. The artist name was Christopher Vavrek.

Christopher says his designs were made from everyday abandoned materials, technology, old media, and electronic waste. He designs these models because he wants to show the world how much we use technology and how in the future we will be using it more and more. He likes creating these designs to also show people of our history with electronics and how we have improved in technology.

I chose this design because I loved how it showed a bunch of old VHS movies stacked on each other. I am a big fan of collecting things. This design reminded me of my room because all I have is a bunch of books, movies, and unopened action figure boxes. My room is a library of books and movies. When I walked into the art room I immediately saw this design and saw my own room and how it would fit in.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 3- Classmate Convo- Uriel Reveles

Today I met with Uriel Reveles who seemed like a really cool guy. Talking to him he told me that this was his sophomore year at Cal State Long Beach. He grew up here in Southern California and he wants to major in either electrical or mechanical engineering.

Uriel went to Centennial High school in Compton and did not play any sports. He likes soccer and loves to watch basketball but according to him he is not a very good basketball player, however, basketball is his favorite sport. When I asked him what he wanted to do when he got older he told me he did not really know but it would be “sweet” if he could get payed to do nothing. I asked him about his favorite movie and he said it was Stand By Me.

When we started talking about hobbies and things we liked, we found out we had a few things in common like action movies and superheros. Talking about art with him, we both agree that art is neat but it is something both of us are not extremely interested in. We appreciate art but for me I can’t draw at all.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 2- Classmate Convo- Devante Lindsey

     My classmate conversation was with Devante because I have known him for a while and he is helping me catch up in class because I just added this class. Devante was raised in Long Beach and we both went to Long Beach Poly high school, which is where we met. He came to CSULB because it’s close to home and they have a good nursing program which is what he wants to do.

     What is unique about Devante is how helping he is. He is always open to help anybody out no matter who it is. In high school he did a little bit of football but eventually stopped because he would miss a lot of practice. He has always done really good in school and is always the hardest worker. Without him I don’t know if I would have been able to pass some of the classes that I did pass. Devante always has a smile on his face and always cheers people up.

     Devante loves taking art classes like these. He is always interested in all the artwork that is shown and he never judges. The one he liked the most was the painting of the lake.



By emmanuel8lara

Week 2- Instagram Activity

     This activity was to take four pictures and post them on Instagram. The pictures were suppose to be anything throughout the day that you did that day, enjoyed, or anything that you like. The pictures I took were me coaching football with my team. I took one photo when the players were on the bus and had someone take pictures of me when I was coaching. I wanted to post those pictures because I want to show people what I do and love on a normal basis.

     Looking on instagram under the hashtag #art110f14, there was a lot of variety on there. Some people were taking photos of themselves, TV shows, video games, superheros, activities they like, and a lot about food. The ones that I loved the most were the posts about activities people like to do.

     The picture that grabbed my attention was the photo of Superman. I have always loved superheros and Superman is one of my top favorite. I have always been more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan. The picture looked really cool to me because Superman was just standing there and he looked huge! He looked like he knew he was the strongest being there and like he ruled. Although Batman and Shazam are my favorite superheros, Superman makes me feel like I am strong myself haha


By emmanuel8lara

Week 2- Artist Convo- Lisa Diane Wedgeworth

     The painting I was looking at looked like a picture of the moon that looked almost like an eclipse. The artist name was Lisa Diane Wedgeworth. The painting also looked like it was a picture of a light and how the darkness can cover the light.

     Lisa says that her art is based mainly off of memory. She uses narratives used by gossip, popular culture, and oral history to make her connections. She also uses a lot of relationships and storytelling. In her work she uses abstraction to map public and private experiences on celestial bodies. She uses her art to show relationships between things like light and dark, and public and private.

     When I first saw the paintings it reminded me of batman and how his symbol is lite up in the sky but he represents the darkness. I loved the painting and thought it was very unique when I first glanced at it. Looking at it again and studying it, I saw a moon and it reminded me of an eclipse. There was nothing I saw about the art that I did not like.



By emmanuel8lara