Week 2- Artist Convo- Lisa Diane Wedgeworth

     The painting I was looking at looked like a picture of the moon that looked almost like an eclipse. The artist name was Lisa Diane Wedgeworth. The painting also looked like it was a picture of a light and how the darkness can cover the light.

     Lisa says that her art is based mainly off of memory. She uses narratives used by gossip, popular culture, and oral history to make her connections. She also uses a lot of relationships and storytelling. In her work she uses abstraction to map public and private experiences on celestial bodies. She uses her art to show relationships between things like light and dark, and public and private.

     When I first saw the paintings it reminded me of batman and how his symbol is lite up in the sky but he represents the darkness. I loved the painting and thought it was very unique when I first glanced at it. Looking at it again and studying it, I saw a moon and it reminded me of an eclipse. There was nothing I saw about the art that I did not like.



By emmanuel8lara

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