Week 2- Classmate Convo- Devante Lindsey

     My classmate conversation was with Devante because I have known him for a while and he is helping me catch up in class because I just added this class. Devante was raised in Long Beach and we both went to Long Beach Poly high school, which is where we met. He came to CSULB because it’s close to home and they have a good nursing program which is what he wants to do.

     What is unique about Devante is how helping he is. He is always open to help anybody out no matter who it is. In high school he did a little bit of football but eventually stopped because he would miss a lot of practice. He has always done really good in school and is always the hardest worker. Without him I don’t know if I would have been able to pass some of the classes that I did pass. Devante always has a smile on his face and always cheers people up.

     Devante loves taking art classes like these. He is always interested in all the artwork that is shown and he never judges. The one he liked the most was the painting of the lake.



By emmanuel8lara

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