Week 2- Instagram Activity

     This activity was to take four pictures and post them on Instagram. The pictures were suppose to be anything throughout the day that you did that day, enjoyed, or anything that you like. The pictures I took were me coaching football with my team. I took one photo when the players were on the bus and had someone take pictures of me when I was coaching. I wanted to post those pictures because I want to show people what I do and love on a normal basis.

     Looking on instagram under the hashtag #art110f14, there was a lot of variety on there. Some people were taking photos of themselves, TV shows, video games, superheros, activities they like, and a lot about food. The ones that I loved the most were the posts about activities people like to do.

     The picture that grabbed my attention was the photo of Superman. I have always loved superheros and Superman is one of my top favorite. I have always been more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan. The picture looked really cool to me because Superman was just standing there and he looked huge! He looked like he knew he was the strongest being there and like he ruled. Although Batman and Shazam are my favorite superheros, Superman makes me feel like I am strong myself haha


By emmanuel8lara

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