Week 3- Classmate Convo- Uriel Reveles

Today I met with Uriel Reveles who seemed like a really cool guy. Talking to him he told me that this was his sophomore year at Cal State Long Beach. He grew up here in Southern California and he wants to major in either electrical or mechanical engineering.

Uriel went to Centennial High school in Compton and did not play any sports. He likes soccer and loves to watch basketball but according to him he is not a very good basketball player, however, basketball is his favorite sport. When I asked him what he wanted to do when he got older he told me he did not really know but it would be “sweet” if he could get payed to do nothing. I asked him about his favorite movie and he said it was Stand By Me.

When we started talking about hobbies and things we liked, we found out we had a few things in common like action movies and superheros. Talking about art with him, we both agree that art is neat but it is something both of us are not extremely interested in. We appreciate art but for me I can’t draw at all.


By emmanuel8lara

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