Week 3- Artist Convo- Christopher Vavrek

On Thursday, I walked around the art gallery that looked really fascinating to me. There were many computers and digital designs inside but the one that interested me was a tower of movies that were stacked on each other. The artist name was Christopher Vavrek.

Christopher says his designs were made from everyday abandoned materials, technology, old media, and electronic waste. He designs these models because he wants to show the world how much we use technology and how in the future we will be using it more and more. He likes creating these designs to also show people of our history with electronics and how we have improved in technology.

I chose this design because I loved how it showed a bunch of old VHS movies stacked on each other. I am a big fan of collecting things. This design reminded me of my room because all I have is a bunch of books, movies, and unopened action figure boxes. My room is a library of books and movies. When I walked into the art room I immediately saw this design and saw my own room and how it would fit in.


By emmanuel8lara

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