Week 4- Artist Convo- Scott Burns

For week 4 I was actually able to talk to an artist this time. The artist was named Scott Burns and he molded clay and glaze. Walking around his work it was really fascinating. He had a lot of sculptures mainly of human figures but some had one big toe or a long neck. All the sculptures had a certain pose and one was standing against the wall.
When I walked into the gallery I saw Scott’s writing on the wall and it talked about his work. He stated that he doesn’t really want to talk about his models because he would rather have people experience them instead. He said he wanted to make art that feeds his psychological need to make art. When I actually talked to him he still talked a little about his work but didn’t mention anything big. He mentioned us actually going in and just looking at them.
The one that was unique to me was a black and white human figure with a slightly longer neck than usual. This one interested me the most because he was sitting cross legged with his hand on his chin as if the figure was thinking.


By emmanuel8lara

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