Week 4- Classmate Convo

This week I met with Craig Wigboldy for my classmate convo. Craig is 21 years old and he is a Pre-nursing major. When talking to Craig he told me that he only wants to be a nurse when he gets older. I asked him is there anything else and he told me no because nursing has always been his life long dream.
Craig went to Valley Christian high school in Cerritos. Right now he has a job as a painter. He told me he goes to apartments or houses and paints there house when hired of course. For his free time he goes with his friends to hangout and also liked snowboarding and surfing. Something he and I both agree on is we have always wanted to go skydiving and plan to do it before we die. His favorite movie is Shooter with Mark Walberg. When I asked him about art and what he thinks about I he told me that he is often confused by it. He says it is probably just because he doesn’t have an eye for it.


By emmanuel8lara

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