Week 5- Classmate Convo

This week I met with Elizabeth Banuelos, who told me she would rather be called Sarah because that is her middle name and her moms name is Elizabeth so she does not like being called the same name. I have met Sarah before because we are both Kinesiology majors and we had another class together. She is starting her Junior year and is a Kinesiology Exercise Science major where I am a Leadership one. She use to be a Nursing major but ended up not liking it. When I asked what her ethnicity was she just said mixed because she isn’t sure what she really is. She has family members that are all sorts of ethnicities.
Sarah told me she wanted to be a Physical Therapist when she gets older and she would love to travel the world. She wants to go to Europe and is planning a trip with her friends for this year. She went to Millikan high school and she says she likes soccer, volleyball, and did dance for two years. She loves hiking and also loves art. She did art from 6th grade to her 11th grade then stopped. She was an awesome girl to talk to and I look forward to hanging out with her in the future. She has one older and younger brother.


By emmanuel8lara

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