Week 5- Counterfactual Identity Activity

On Saturday I did my counterfactual identity activity and I had a lot of fun doing it. I dressed as someone going to an interview or a banquet. I did this because I am always wearing shorts and a workout shirt with sandals. So dressing up is something that is the opposite of what I do.
Walking around the mall and asking people questions was hilarious because of the answers I received. When I asked them what they thought my name was I got answers like, Mark, Paul, and Robert. When it asked what they thought I did they said I was a manager or someone that was involved with business.
This was probably my favorite activity so far because it was fun to see what people thought about me when they first met me. People have crazy answers when you really walk around and see what people are thinking. It was also fun acting like I was someone else even though I hate dressing up nicely.

By emmanuel8lara

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