Week 10- Classmate Convo- Tanner Binsfeld

Today Tanner Binsfeld came up to me and asked to be my partner for the classmate conversation. He seemed like a really nice guy when I was talking to him so it was easy to click with him. Tanner is a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach. We asked each other what major we are in and he told me Kinesiology Exercise Science. I do not know how people can take majors like that. I know about the classes they need to take and it seems too hard haha.
He lives in Chico city which is 8 hours away and is by Sacramento. Tanner says he wants to be a physical therapist when he gets older. In high school he when to Chico high and played basketball. Basketball is one of his favorite sports. When I told him I was coaching he seemed really interested and told me coaching always seemed really interesting to him. Overall Tanner was a really cool guy to talk to. Even though I’m not a basketball fan I like how much he loves sports.


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Week 9- Artist Convo- Heather Hassenbein

This week I decided to interview Heather Hassenbein on my artist conversation. Her art was just a big ball or metal which also looked like copper. Heather called it Polymer clay. She said she uses this in just about every art she does. To me the piece was very unique and just looked like ball someone threw together. When I started really examining it, it turned out to look really neat.
Heather loves everything she does in art and enjoys the big and small details about it. She gets most of her ideas from her daily life when she sees stuff around her like buildings. She sees her art as creating moments that portray a sense of beauty and jubilation. She works with what she’s got and changes with each creation and that gives her the best art she can create.
This one grabbed my attention above all of them because it looked like a ball. A ball represents sports to me so when I saw this I automatically started to think of tennis or baseball. I like how she used those two elements to create her piece and I hope we get to see more of her art work in the future.


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Week 9- Classmate Convo- Alonzo Urita

During week 9 I decided to meet with Alonzo. I met him before because my friend Devante knows him so it wasn’t someone I’ve never talked to before. He’s a freshman and is declared as a mechanical engineer. Yes he wants to be an engineer when he gets older. He graduated from Downey and played volleyball there also.
He took art he said because it fills a GE requirement and he wanted to see how things worked in art and also to meet new people. He likes all the different activities we do and is interested to see what we will do later on the semester.


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Week 9- About Me Activity

This activity was a very interesting one. It was very simple but not much to talk about I felt for me. I did this with my friend Devante who also made a video so that was fun.

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Week 8- Activity

I decided to change my background and theme because I was looking through new themes and found one that had stars in it. I love space and everything there is to learn about it which is why I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I left my header caption because it fits how I like comics and so I also added a picture of the flash on my header.



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Week 8- Classmate Convo- Richard Chavez

My classmate conversation this week was with Richard Chavez. I interviewed him because he is a good friend with my friend Devante. It just so happens that he graduated from Downey, which is the school my football team played that day we interviewed each other. It was hilarious talking to him about the rivalry game between Downey and Warren high school. He played with Downey last year.
Richard is an undeclared freshman at cal state long beach and he is taking 16 units. It doesn’t seem like much maybe but to me I’m impressed especially because he is barley a freshman. He told me he wanted to declare a major in Mechanical Engineering next semester. He is also trying to decide if he wants to join a fraternity. He asked me if I was in one and I told him there was no way I would do one.
He likes sports just like me but his favorite is basketball and soccer where mine is football and rugby. He likes to be active whenever possible since he is busy. I asked him about art class and he says he enjoys that art class has made him more outgoing and enjoys the view of the art each class.


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Week 8- Artist Convo- Kiyomi Fukui

Walking into the galleries Thursday and seeing all the art that was showing was pretty neat. I liked a lot of them but I thought Kiyomi Fukui’s art was the uniquest of all of them. It looked like a dresser and had a lot of stuff on it. Looking at it reminded me of my sisters room and how messy it always is haha. It looked like someone was going through it and didn’t close the doors back up.
Kiyomi talked about the art and how it started from a bird. Kiyomi’s friend brought a bird home that was getting ready to die and Kiyomi decided to watch it die. This inspired Kiyomi to make this art because it is for “the living and the dead”. Kiyomi talked about the things on the dresser but it seemed to confusing to write it down especially if I misunderstood a part.
Like I said earlier the art looked like my sisters room and how their dressers are always messy and they never close them. The art was however really unique because the wood and everything Kiyomi used on it was very nice. None if it looked messed up or scratched. I could see why Kiyomi made this art project for the living and the dead.


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Week 7- Artist Convo- Kenita Hale

Walking through the galleries on Thursday, the second gallery I walked in was the most interesting one to me. As. Soon as I walked in I told my friend, “This seems like a place to worship demons.” It seemed like a place set up for Halloween. Everything was dark with candles and a different picture on each statue. Kenita Hale did an awesome job setting up her art.
When talking to Kenita, she talked to her art as being magic. She wanted to make people see the magic in her art. To show people they can believe in things that people think do not exist. She was pretty cool to talk to. What she talked about to me seemed as what I would believe as God. She just showed in her art something more dark what isn’t from God.
Her art was definitely unique to me, but was not something that I like very much. I’m not into all this dark stuff people show. I picked her art gallery just because it was something different then everybody else’s and I give her props for that.


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Week 7- Classmate Convo- Calvin Vo

This week was actually funny talking to Calvin Vo. We randomly started talking to each other about being at the class and how it really doesn’t seem like an art class. Then I asked if he had a partner to do an interview with and he said no, so we decided to interview each other.
Calvin is a freshman here and may I say he does not look anything like a freshman. When he told me he was a freshman I was shocked. I thought he would be a junior like me. Last year he graduated from Cypress High School and he is a Civil Engineering major. He lives at home just like me with his parents and his hobbies are beach volleyball, hiking, and camping.
In high school the only sport he played was volleyball which he liked so much he still does it for fun. When I asked him about art class he said he hates art class because it seems like we don’t do anything. He said he takes it just because it fills a GE requirement. I bet a couple people feel like that though so I wasn’t surprised. He said he always wanted to either go skydiving or Parasailing before he dies.


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Week 6- Drawing Activity



This activity was funny because we all got to see how people would draw us. Someone that drew my picture, I thought did a very well job on it. My drawing as you can tell sucked. You might not think I tried but honestly that is a pretty good drawing compared to my usual ones haha. I was never meant to draw but this activity was a neat experience.

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