Week 6- Artist Convo- Rosa Vazquez

I was walking around the galleries this week and they all seemed really interesting to me. I like a couple of them a lot but I decided to do my artist conversation on Rosa Vazquez. She was one of the first artists there that day so I liked how she was on time and her message in her art was really appealing. Another reason I picked her is because she also seemed really nice and she was cute lol.
My friend also liked what she did and when we went to talk to her she pretty much told us it was on immigration. When I saw her art it was a bunch of videos on the tv screen. Listening to the videos, some were in Spanish but they people talking we’re crying about there loved ones being moved out of the country and hoe they never get to see them and how much they miss them. It was really moving to see.
Watching Rosa’s art videos made me really meditate on how the government treats immigrants. When I was talking to my friend about it he said something really interesting. He said we were all immigrants because America first belonged to the Indians and we just came and took it. Hearing that and realizing it made me think we shouldn’t be treating people like this.


By emmanuel8lara

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