Week 7- Artist Convo- Kenita Hale

Walking through the galleries on Thursday, the second gallery I walked in was the most interesting one to me. As. Soon as I walked in I told my friend, “This seems like a place to worship demons.” It seemed like a place set up for Halloween. Everything was dark with candles and a different picture on each statue. Kenita Hale did an awesome job setting up her art.
When talking to Kenita, she talked to her art as being magic. She wanted to make people see the magic in her art. To show people they can believe in things that people think do not exist. She was pretty cool to talk to. What she talked about to me seemed as what I would believe as God. She just showed in her art something more dark what isn’t from God.
Her art was definitely unique to me, but was not something that I like very much. I’m not into all this dark stuff people show. I picked her art gallery just because it was something different then everybody else’s and I give her props for that.


By emmanuel8lara

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