Week 7- Classmate Convo- Calvin Vo

This week was actually funny talking to Calvin Vo. We randomly started talking to each other about being at the class and how it really doesn’t seem like an art class. Then I asked if he had a partner to do an interview with and he said no, so we decided to interview each other.
Calvin is a freshman here and may I say he does not look anything like a freshman. When he told me he was a freshman I was shocked. I thought he would be a junior like me. Last year he graduated from Cypress High School and he is a Civil Engineering major. He lives at home just like me with his parents and his hobbies are beach volleyball, hiking, and camping.
In high school the only sport he played was volleyball which he liked so much he still does it for fun. When I asked him about art class he said he hates art class because it seems like we don’t do anything. He said he takes it just because it fills a GE requirement. I bet a couple people feel like that though so I wasn’t surprised. He said he always wanted to either go skydiving or Parasailing before he dies.


By emmanuel8lara

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