Week 8- Artist Convo- Kiyomi Fukui

Walking into the galleries Thursday and seeing all the art that was showing was pretty neat. I liked a lot of them but I thought Kiyomi Fukui’s art was the uniquest of all of them. It looked like a dresser and had a lot of stuff on it. Looking at it reminded me of my sisters room and how messy it always is haha. It looked like someone was going through it and didn’t close the doors back up.
Kiyomi talked about the art and how it started from a bird. Kiyomi’s friend brought a bird home that was getting ready to die and Kiyomi decided to watch it die. This inspired Kiyomi to make this art because it is for “the living and the dead”. Kiyomi talked about the things on the dresser but it seemed to confusing to write it down especially if I misunderstood a part.
Like I said earlier the art looked like my sisters room and how their dressers are always messy and they never close them. The art was however really unique because the wood and everything Kiyomi used on it was very nice. None if it looked messed up or scratched. I could see why Kiyomi made this art project for the living and the dead.


By emmanuel8lara

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