Week 8- Classmate Convo- Richard Chavez

My classmate conversation this week was with Richard Chavez. I interviewed him because he is a good friend with my friend Devante. It just so happens that he graduated from Downey, which is the school my football team played that day we interviewed each other. It was hilarious talking to him about the rivalry game between Downey and Warren high school. He played with Downey last year.
Richard is an undeclared freshman at cal state long beach and he is taking 16 units. It doesn’t seem like much maybe but to me I’m impressed especially because he is barley a freshman. He told me he wanted to declare a major in Mechanical Engineering next semester. He is also trying to decide if he wants to join a fraternity. He asked me if I was in one and I told him there was no way I would do one.
He likes sports just like me but his favorite is basketball and soccer where mine is football and rugby. He likes to be active whenever possible since he is busy. I asked him about art class and he says he enjoys that art class has made him more outgoing and enjoys the view of the art each class.


By emmanuel8lara

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