Week 9- Artist Convo- Heather Hassenbein

This week I decided to interview Heather Hassenbein on my artist conversation. Her art was just a big ball or metal which also looked like copper. Heather called it Polymer clay. She said she uses this in just about every art she does. To me the piece was very unique and just looked like ball someone threw together. When I started really examining it, it turned out to look really neat.
Heather loves everything she does in art and enjoys the big and small details about it. She gets most of her ideas from her daily life when she sees stuff around her like buildings. She sees her art as creating moments that portray a sense of beauty and jubilation. She works with what she’s got and changes with each creation and that gives her the best art she can create.
This one grabbed my attention above all of them because it looked like a ball. A ball represents sports to me so when I saw this I automatically started to think of tennis or baseball. I like how she used those two elements to create her piece and I hope we get to see more of her art work in the future.


By emmanuel8lara

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