Week 10- Classmate Convo- Tanner Binsfeld

Today Tanner Binsfeld came up to me and asked to be my partner for the classmate conversation. He seemed like a really nice guy when I was talking to him so it was easy to click with him. Tanner is a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach. We asked each other what major we are in and he told me Kinesiology Exercise Science. I do not know how people can take majors like that. I know about the classes they need to take and it seems too hard haha.
He lives in Chico city which is 8 hours away and is by Sacramento. Tanner says he wants to be a physical therapist when he gets older. In high school he when to Chico high and played basketball. Basketball is one of his favorite sports. When I told him I was coaching he seemed really interested and told me coaching always seemed really interesting to him. Overall Tanner was a really cool guy to talk to. Even though I’m not a basketball fan I like how much he loves sports.


By emmanuel8lara

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