Week 13- Artist Convo- Brittnee Forline

This week my artist conversation was about Brittnee Forline art pieces. The one that intrigued me the most was the piece that had a cross and a ring. This caught my attention because the ring reminded me of The Lord of the Rings. That movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. This reminded me of that movie because the ring looked like a symbol of power just like the movie. To me it looked like something one of the characters would wear.
Brittnee uses metal because it allows her to capture moments and concepts that she does not wish to let go. She is inspired by fictional stories which is probably also why they caught my attention when I walked into her gallery. She is inspired by it also and as she says it allows her to grow as an individual.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 13- Classmate Convo- Antonio Lavermon

This week I met with Antonio Lavermon who I kind of already knew because of my friend Devante. Devante has known Antonio for a while so it was a person I was familiar with. Antonio is a sophomore film major that recently switched to that major. Before that he was a theater arts major but switched a couple weeks ago.
Antonio played ever sport growing up but mainly played baseball. Antonio stopped playing baseball in 6th grade and started playing football because of his dad. His dad wanted him to stay with football so he couldn’t so any other sports really. He is from Analope city in Sacramento and went to that high school as well. He wants his career to be around here in Los Angeles but also wants to live in Malibu. He wants that to happen because he wants to be a film director or actor. He is in a lot of clubs on campus and also works on campus at beach fund. On his off time he likes to makes videos for fun to help develop his skills.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 12- Teach One Activity

I decided to teach and art activity I taught my sister the activity of deciding where to die. She wanted to die from being to bored because as she says she is “always home”. She thought this activity was weird but very simple but had fun learning it haha.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 12- Artist Convo- Timothy Cooper

Timothy Coopers art was pretty much the only artist I went to visit on Thursday. His piece looked like a bunch of plates that he payed out in the image of a plus or cross. It grew on me because to me it was a symbol of a cross which represented to me what Jesus did for us. We all have our own interpretations on things and this one reminded me of my faith.
Stoneware clay and satin white glaze that was heated to 2250 Fahrenheit was what the 145 plates were made out of. This was created Timothy says to show that individuals can come together and design something of personal and social experience.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 12- Classmate Convo- Eric Yanagihara

This week I met with Eric Yanagihara when we ran into each other and asked each other to be partners haha. He was more different than any of the classmates I’ve had before. First off he is a junior like I am except he is 29 years old. He came here after he transferred from El Camino college. He is majoring in physical geography where most of my interviews students were somewhere into sports. He said he would like to work somewhere for the government like the department of agriculture.
He grew up in Torrance and went to North high school. He told me he didn’t play any sports. Now he is a supervisor at Starbucks so I told him to hook me up with free drinks haha. I asked about his hobbies and he said he is starting to get into photography and rock climbing with his friends. He seemed like a really cool guy even though he is a lot older than me. We didn’t talk much after the interview so I don’t think I will be seeing him much.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 11- Do what I want activity

This week we were suppose to make our own activity up and post about it. I love reading my Bible and I love God so I decided to write a verse on a white paper and post seashells on it. I posted it on my wall because I liked it so much.
I decided to do this because it is a type of art. I created this with my own imagination and it was something I love. This verse represents what we should all do in life where we should not have to worry about anything.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 11- Artist Convo- Wesley Hicks

For week eleven I decided to do my artist conversation on Wesley Hicks. Wesley was not at the galleries but I thought the art piece there was the best one for the week. When I walked into the galleries, there were drawings of people, computer art videos, and then the piece I saw from Wesley. When I saw uh piece I already knew I was going to write about that one.
Wesley says the art he does is reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror. Wesley talks about when things are presented there is always authority. Someone is always controlling how it is displayed, represented, and understood. Wesley says his art pieces are always small because he wants us to think that there are big versions of that same scale.
When I saw this piece I thought pretty much what Wesley wrote about. I thought the scale was a small version of buildings that were either being constructed or broken down. The biggest piece, which was silver, kind of reminded me of the World Trade Center. This was because it was the biggest of the pieces so it towered over everything else just like the real ones did.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 10- Activity

I decided to die at school because, well, school will be the death of me. I’m really lazy when it comes to school work so I figured dying at school would be perfect. I feel like we do too much work at school and one day my head is going to explode haha.


By emmanuel8lara

Week 10- Artist Convo- Yee Li, Marquerite Freed, and Sophia Dao

I liked the three artists Yee Li, Marquerite Freed, and Sophia Dao so I decided to do my conversation on them. The piece I liked the most was a project created by sixteen pieces. The piece looked like a bunch of triangles and other shapes just put together but when staring at it, it all comes together to be a really nice art project.
These artists wanted to create anxiety in their art piece. I didn’t understand what they meant by that though. They wanted to show feelings of claustrophobia. The colors and shapes on the art piece was used to create the feeling of anxiety by making everything looked condensed.
Looking at the art piece when I walked in I thought it was just a bunch if junk. None of it interested me so I moved on and looked at other pieces. Then I decided to go back and when I read about it and really looked at it I was like wow it makes sense. I’m glad I went back and looked at the photo.


By emmanuel8lara