Week 10- Artist Convo- Yee Li, Marquerite Freed, and Sophia Dao

I liked the three artists Yee Li, Marquerite Freed, and Sophia Dao so I decided to do my conversation on them. The piece I liked the most was a project created by sixteen pieces. The piece looked like a bunch of triangles and other shapes just put together but when staring at it, it all comes together to be a really nice art project.
These artists wanted to create anxiety in their art piece. I didn’t understand what they meant by that though. They wanted to show feelings of claustrophobia. The colors and shapes on the art piece was used to create the feeling of anxiety by making everything looked condensed.
Looking at the art piece when I walked in I thought it was just a bunch if junk. None of it interested me so I moved on and looked at other pieces. Then I decided to go back and when I read about it and really looked at it I was like wow it makes sense. I’m glad I went back and looked at the photo.


By emmanuel8lara

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