Week 11- Artist Convo- Wesley Hicks

For week eleven I decided to do my artist conversation on Wesley Hicks. Wesley was not at the galleries but I thought the art piece there was the best one for the week. When I walked into the galleries, there were drawings of people, computer art videos, and then the piece I saw from Wesley. When I saw uh piece I already knew I was going to write about that one.
Wesley says the art he does is reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror. Wesley talks about when things are presented there is always authority. Someone is always controlling how it is displayed, represented, and understood. Wesley says his art pieces are always small because he wants us to think that there are big versions of that same scale.
When I saw this piece I thought pretty much what Wesley wrote about. I thought the scale was a small version of buildings that were either being constructed or broken down. The biggest piece, which was silver, kind of reminded me of the World Trade Center. This was because it was the biggest of the pieces so it towered over everything else just like the real ones did.


By emmanuel8lara

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