Week 13- Classmate Convo- Antonio Lavermon

This week I met with Antonio Lavermon who I kind of already knew because of my friend Devante. Devante has known Antonio for a while so it was a person I was familiar with. Antonio is a sophomore film major that recently switched to that major. Before that he was a theater arts major but switched a couple weeks ago.
Antonio played ever sport growing up but mainly played baseball. Antonio stopped playing baseball in 6th grade and started playing football because of his dad. His dad wanted him to stay with football so he couldn’t so any other sports really. He is from Analope city in Sacramento and went to that high school as well. He wants his career to be around here in Los Angeles but also wants to live in Malibu. He wants that to happen because he wants to be a film director or actor. He is in a lot of clubs on campus and also works on campus at beach fund. On his off time he likes to makes videos for fun to help develop his skills.


By emmanuel8lara

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