Week 15- Classmate Convo- Abdulelah Algasin

For my week 15 classmate conversation I interviewed Abdulelah Algasin. Abdulelah is a 20 year old freshman here at cal state long beach. He came from Arabia and decided to come here because his brother was here first. He decided to come to school with his brother to get his degree. He wants to be a mechanical engineer so that’s what he is majoring in for now. After college he plans to move back to Arabia and get a job there where he can start a family and also be with his family.
Abdulelah has hobbies that consist of soccer, movies, and hanging out with his friends when he has free time. He mainly loves to play soccer and does that majority of his time when he isn’t busy. He has three sisters and two brothers in his family. He is also religious and is Muslim but it didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it much. I asked him what he though about class and he just said he likes art class but it’s not something he’s completely interested in. Overall he seemed like a really cool guy.


By emmanuel8lara

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